Monday, 5 October 2015

Eye catchers


MIU MIU sunglasses

Time to dip into another look of fashion week month, this season it’s been all about discovering who makes the best pants, so far Sandro and Theory are in a strong lead. The truth is I’ve really have taken a new sleeker direction with my dressing lately. A more stripped back, I would say mature even look is all I’m interested in. You tell me when you get bored, but keep it simple stupid they say, the best ideas are amazingly self–explanatory. Would you believe that I am still discovering these things?

This is when styling and accessories get to play the key role, like the little eye candy that has been my fashion week bestie, my growing collection of Maria Lamanna bags. Flowing, moving objects that catches the wind in tune with the camera, now that, my dear readers, is a fashion week winner.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The suit that makes the woman


 Meet my latest favorite thing, the skinny suit - a true fashion week whattowear savior. It has to be worn without a bra in a true striped back, no fuss fashion, this time in oxblood, oh how I love that dramatic description. No surprise to you all that tailoring is my go-to whatever the season is, but it is an always evolving project. I think the perfect suits are the ones you discover online but experience in store as they are not the most appealing on a hanger but also a potential disaster if you don’t nail the fit. Almost all suits need a little bit of tweaking, something you learn to appreciate when you get older…(cushioning the blow of my upcoming birthday, sob) but it’s truly one of those golden rules on how to make even the most affordable high-street find look like a million bucks.

Except the fact that you are most likely going to have to leave the store with a suit that does not yet fit perfectly, but it’s all about seeing the potential to a happily ever after. There is only so much you can do to a bad fit and uncomfortable cuts, the prefect suit is going to feel like a hug. So combine your imagination with your gut feeling for the ultimate satisfaction.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

All hail the legs

It’s finally fall and that equals boots, suede over-knee boots to be exact! Last winter I wore out my favourite pair, the Stuart Weitzman HIGHLAND boots, and with ‘out,’ I literally mean in every weather throughout the rain and snow because there is no room for wellies or snowboots in my shoedrobe. Luckily we don’t need to gear up for winter just yet but I could not resist updating my pair with the even sharper, higher version, the ALLLEGS boots. Fronted in the campaign by miss B√ľndchen herself and although I can’t compete with that leg length (can anyone?!) I have to admit these do wonders for even the shortest legs, no pants required.

I’ve been giving over-knee boots a lot of thought recently. The boot that I see as an everyday essential and a casual goes-with-everything pair can be scary to some, but fear not because the answer is the suede. It keeps you away from that somewhat aggressive all leather look, so feel free to go short on the skirt and pile on the leather jacket (or even a leather hairband in my case, my newest obsession you’ll sure get an overdose of this fall).
In collaboration with Stuart Weitzman
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Monday, 21 September 2015

September beauty edit


Time to shine light on this month’s beauty favorites. The days are getting shorter so I am soaking up the last possible sun rays, although I never managed to take a proper holiday this year either... Anyway it’s been an amazing summer and on the beauty side I’ve gathered some amazing recommendations for you that works from poolside to night time.

Although this feature is dedicated to make-up, I wanted to introduce you to my favorite and the best sunscreen I’ve encountered. I used to avoid sunscreen on the days that I did not plan to be in the sun because it was always the same story with all the facial sunscreens I tried. It was either pore clogging, oily or simply not the ideal base for your make-up, not to mention the white marks it would leave. I would always try to look for the sunscreens designed for oily skin or for the lightest textures but we all know the higher the SPF, the thicker the cream. I came across a completely new product, Kimberly Sayer SPF 30 sunscreen, in Whole Foods beauty aisle one day and have been a big fan ever since. It’s unbelievably light, smells like lemons and absorbs in seconds. I can’t recommend this product enough as I use it every single day, regardless if I’m wearing make-up or not.

This months absolute favorite make-up product is the Tom Ford ‘Perfecting Traceless’ foundation. This a heavier foundation than the Dior’s Nude Air, that I recommended in my previous beauty post but the way it ‘sets’ and stays on the skin is amazing. The texture can be perceived as ‘cakey’ but don’t be put off until you’ve finished applying. The cream dries on the skin quickly so I found it works best to work small amounts into the skin at the time, using your hands. This is not a foundation to be applied with a brush because you need to massage it in. The finish is extremely natural and gives a healthy glow without the shine, not to mention it will stay on all day and my skin’s condition is better than ever.

Mac’s wide selection of glosses is my go-to lip products, but I stay away from the ones with glitter. The ‘lipglass’ glosses are extremely thick and sticky so it comes with an amazing longevity and you only need a small amount. I usually dab it on with my finger for a naturally light look, it’s is the perfect in-betweener of a lipgloss and a lipstick but because of it’s thickness, be aware of applying a too much or you’ll look like you have paint on your lips.

Another Mac favorite is the eyebrow pen that I use in the lightest colour ‘fling’. Because of the roller you don’t need to carry a sharpener, you’ll always achieve an on point, natural look for your eyebrows. For a day look I recommend going light with the colour choices, to avoid a drawn on look and use a brush to smooth the pen marks.

Max Factor’s 2000 calorie waterproof mascara, or any Max Faxtor waterproof mascaras have been my number one choice for years. They stay on through everything and give the best definition to your lashes. An ideal choice for a hot day or even swimming. You can also rely on this to stay on throughout the day and just ad on the additional eye make-up for the evening.

The Maybelline Nudes palette is definitely the best high-street beauty find at the moment. As you know I am a big fan of neutral make-up and this one has all the colours I need, day or night. Ten points for these being mostly matte and the stronger ones are more shiny than glittery.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Gone with the wind

ZARA top

Time has flown by so fast that I am already in NYC, but here showing you what I wore in Stockholm. Also to put things in perspective, there is three and a half months left on 2015, think about it. Scary and hilarious. Anyway, before summer officially ended (that was two weeks ago) I wore this ideal Bruuns Bazar skirt that was part of my Zalando Stockholm fashion week wardrobe. Featuring the best ever cut on a windy day like this, hello legs. Just wait for the fall version of my leg lengthening tricks when pants come into the picture. So a silky combo it was, creased to death - only acceptable when it’s extremely windy and you move fast.
In collaboration with Zalando

Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Full Circle


PRADA 16QS Cinema sunglasses via Sunglasses Shop
H&M belt

This summer there has been only one sunglass shape on my mind, the round 70’s frame all the sudden became the specs to wear, although I thought I was over my ‘Nicole Richie lookalike’ days, I guess not. My desk continues to fill up by my number one shade maker, Prada of course, the sharpest designer of them all. It’s astonishing how correct they can get it every season. Trust them to be fun, never not classy and always with a ‘have-to-have’ factor.

It is exactly situations like this that make me anxious about wardrobe clean-outs, the horror of ‘what if it comes back in fashion’ storm cloud that lingers over every girl like me. I attempt to put my mind at ease by trying to separate the seasonals from classics and quality from the mass, I’m learning to respect the garment/shoe/sunglass pair one at the time. Although that makes me sound like a greedy person working backwards with what I have, I am going to sound even worse when my wise words fly out the widow the minute the new collections drop...

In collaboration with Sunglasses Shop
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Discovering Gianoi


GIANOI 'Medium Nadia' in yellow calf and snake leather
GIANOI 'Small Nadia' in red calf and snake leather
GIANOI 'Medium Nadia in beige calf leather

Discovering new designers has been at the very core of my blog ever since I started, it is admittedly a genre that often gets forgotten in the busy lifestyle of mine. So I thought it would be time to shine light on this matter again and talk about Gianoi, which is not just a newcomer in the fashion but in the technology category as well, bare with me.

See, how many of you carry your phone chargers around? Juice packs and cables rolling around in your precious purses? I’m definitely guilty to this and can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to buy a new charger after leaving it home in the morning, or desperately ending up begging restaurants to charge my phone behind the bar. I’ve seen bags with portable juice packs before but this is next level, because not only does these bags recharge your phone up to two times, but they also communicate with your phone. Yes, download the Gianoi app and connect your bag with the notification feature on your phone and you will have the logo telling you in selected colours when you have emails, WhatsApp messages, missed phone calls - you name it, waiting.

So it works somewhat like a calendar and personal assistant all rolled into one designer bag but what really sold it to me was the style. No matter how smart, in this industry style comes first, there is no denying of that. Gianoi had me at Italian made, beautifully finished leather bags, designed by two brothers that simply combined their knowledge and passion with a gap in the market. The outcome is a wide range of bags in everything from bright leathers to eye-catching snake skin. No need to tell you that I am convinced.

Gianoi bags are now available to pre-order with a 25% discount through the website, with a full collection launching this fall.


ZARA trousers
PRADA glasses
KIREI blouse
CELINE boots

In collaboration with Gianoi
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Monday, 31 August 2015

Baby blue in Stockholm


Another week has flown by, this time I’ve spent majority of it at Stockholm fashion week, realizing once again how much I love my neighboring country. It’s feels like Paris kinder, little sister. We flew in with Zalando, who also was kind enough to sort out my wardrobe crisis and answered my questions on what to wear in an in-between season like this. Lace and leather for the first day sealed the deal, ideal for a sunny, late august afternoon. So in between shows and coffee breaks at the cozy Zalando house, I actually fell in love a little bit, people are so kind and welcoming. Although I can’t take the silly accent seriously, but that’s part of the charm.

In collaboration with Zalando
Photos by Mikko Puttonen